Do you have any of the following:

(if so please provide us with a copy)

Contract of Employment
Staff Handbook and / or policies and procedures
Outstanding Entitlements (Holidays)
Letter of dismissal
Any prior disciplinary sanction
Pay Slips
Minutes of Meetings
Email or other written correspondence
MNotice pay
Audio or Video Recordings
Evidence of Grievances or other written complaints
Text Messages
Performance reviews or other performance related documents
Did you ever raise a grievance at work
Did you receive training
Did you ever do any performance reviews



You know anyone at work or who is a previous employee who would be able to confirm what your experiences are?



Did you ever attend your Doctor or the Company Doctor in relation to your treatment at work?

if Yes let have details:

If this does not apply to you please ship to next step


In Equality claims it is important for us to identify a suitable comparator (someone at work who did the same job as you but was treated more favourably) if any.

If So,were they treated more favourably than you in their conditions of work?
Was anyone doing the same job as you paid more than you?
Was anyone in work doing similar work to you?:

If so, Was this treatment as a result of any of the following;
Your Gender:
Your Age:
Because you had an illness or Disability:
Your Family Status:
Your Race:
Your Sexual Orientation:
Your Marital Status:
Your Religion:
Your membership of the Travelling Community:


If you have had to leave your employment or were dismissed you have an obligation to minimise your loss. You should be able to demonstrate to the WRC the efforts you made to do so in due course.

Have you found alternative employment?

If Yes When?

if not,what efforts have you made to find such alternative employment?


Many of our Clients suffer from depression or post traumatic stress as a result of the treatment they experienced at work. Once again, if this is the case you might set out the details below and in a separate statement.

Have you suffered any injury as a result of your treatment?
Have you been prescribed any medication for this?
Have you been certified as unfit to attend work at any stage?
Is your employer aware of your injury?
Have you attended counselling or a psychologist?
Are you covered by V.H.I.?
Do you have a medical card?
Have you ever suffered a previous injury or illness?


If you have previously suffered an injury or illness please complete the following:


Do you need any special assistance at the hearing of the case for example do you need a translator or wheelchair access?

The following is a comprehensive statement, in as much detail as possible (the more the better) of the main reasons why I am seeking to pursue this case…

Please provide as much of the following as possible:

  • When did you start working…
  • Describe your role…
  • Who did you report to…
  • Who else did you work with…
  • What was the work environment like?
  • What are the issues…
  • Were you ever subject to previous disciplinary action or raise any grievances or matters relating to health and safety at work?