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I am determined to fight my boss to the end. I cannot let him win. I have never felt so let down and betrayed at such an important time in my life.
Don’t let them win.

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“I loved it, I loved my job. I was working towards a promotion and more and more responsibilities were given to me, and I juggled it all. No worries. I was valued, a high-performer, on the fast-track. I announced I was pregnant and everything changed. I watched as everything I had been working so hard for, was destroyed.”


“I refused to be treated so badly and so consulted a lawyer- I am now out of there and so much happier! I would encourage any women out there experiencing this to stand up for themselves, no one should accept bad treatment- a legal dispute is a horrible and difficult process but as soon as you’ve done it you feel so strong and amazing- you’ll never look back!”


The team at Employment Matters is passionate about protecting the Employment Rights of new parents.

Mothers who become pregnant enjoy the most extensive rights. They’re supposed to, at least.

Statutory Maternity Leave now stands at 26 weeks and can be extended by a further 16 weeks. Whether you are entitled to be paid during this time depends on the nature of your contract of Employment. Employment Matters can advise you in this regard.

You may also be entitled to Maternity Benefit from the Department of Social Protection. When Maternity Leave comes to an end, you are entitled to return to work with your employer. Generally, you will be entitled to the same job as well as any improvements to the terms and conditions of that job, such as pay rises, that would have occurred during the period of Maternity Leave.

The Employment Equality Acts ensure that employees cannot be discriminated against on the grounds of gender. If you have been discriminated against on the basis of your pregnancy you are automatically entitled to redress under these Acts.

This includes situations where you have been dismissed or overlooked for a promotion due to your pregnancy or where your employer has refused to consider your request for flexible hours and/or a job share arrangement upon returning to work.

This may also include situations where you are refused a contract of employment or a renewal of a fixed term contract of employment due to the possibility of pregnancy. The Acts also provide protection from discrimination on the grounds of ‘Family Status’ which prevents your employer from discriminating against you by virtue of the fact that you have children.

Employment Matters can advise on what steps you should take in order to ensure your rights are protected.


We can ensure that your Employment Rights are protected at this special time in your life, allowing you to focus on your child, your health, and your family.

Shocking as it may seem, there are instances when a parent returns to work after having a child only to find their job is no longer there for them.

It could be the employer expects them to resume working in a different or less favourable role, or it could be the employer has gone so far as to dismiss them outright for having a child.

The words that can be used to describe these two scenarios range from outrageous to audacious to mindboggling, and most certainly include completely unlawful and in breach of your Employment Rights.

At Employment Matters, we’re here to help.


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Our Client CMcD was working as a care assistant in Waterford with a well-known Irish employment agency. During her time with the Agency she was always well thought of and extremely busy – CMcD could work upwards of 45 hours a week and there was never a shortage of work to go around. Until CMcD informed her employers of her pregnancy, that is. All of a sudden, wouldn’t you know it,CMcD was surplus to requirements. Her hours were significantly reduced and ended up drying up altogether. Nothing else had changed, her co-workers were still rushed off their feet and staff who had been recruited after her continued to work full-time hours. All that had changed was that CMcD was expecting a baby. CMcD eventually resigned in frustration and came to us for help.




You know, it wasn’t about the money. When I was let go by my former employer simply because of my pregnancy I was just so devastated that someone could act like that and just wanted them to realise they can’t treat people in this way

CMcD – 29, Waterford


You must move quickly as there is a six-month time limit on taking a claim, and no one wants to see an unlawful employer get away with one.

Call us now on 1890 88 90 90 for a free no-obligation consultation or to arrange an appointment with us to review your case. Don’t put up with this type of treatment. Make sure your employer knows you won’t tolerate it. We’ll hold the megaphone, you make your voice heard.

Whether you are seeking general advice regarding your Employment Rights when you are expecting a child or if you are concerned that your rights may have been infringed, it is important to take action now.


Remember if you are considering bringing a claim, there is a strict 6-month time limit for referring complaints to the Workplace Relations Commission.

Even if you are simply seeking to ensure that you receive your entitlements going forward, there may be an obligation on you to notify your employer in writing.

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