What would you do if you knew someone had your back, who would speak up for you and help to give you that voice.
Many of our Clients have experienced treatment at work which has taken their voices from them. They have lost their confidence to speak up. They’re afraid of the consequences of doing so. What will people say? “She’s
just a prude…”, “she can’t take a joke…”, “it was only banter…”, “she should know her place”.
They’re afraid that no-one will listen and that they will be belittled or victimised for raising an issue.
Do you struggle to get over how you were treated at work, by someone you had worked so hard for? Do you lie awake at night fretting about how you are going to provide for your family… or wake up in the morning with a
sick stomach over what’s happened to you, fearful of what’s going to be thrown at you next?

“I loved my job. I was working towards a promotion and more and more responsibilities were being given to me and I loved it. I was a high-performer, on the fast-track until I stood up
against someone who was sexually harassing me and then everything changed”

Many women who have come to us have found themselves in exactly this situation;

“You’re making a fuss about nothing”. “You’re over-reacting”. “You’re too uptight” or “frigid”. “You need to learn to have a sense of humour” and “lighten up…You need to learn to take a compliment”.
But harassment isn’t a joke, verbal slurs, rubbing, touching or groping…or grabbing, even kissing and being sworn at for complaining or shouted at or belittled sometimes even assaulted.
Thousands of women have grown up in the mistaken belief that these things are their fault; that their stories are shameful; that they should never tell anybody. But their experiences aren’t ‘out of place’ among the stories of daily normalized sexism that we hear every single day.

Well Enough is Enough. Even after all of the recent controversies, the #Metoo Campaign, the high-profile sackings in Hollywood, the resignations in Westminster, the hand wringing in high office… Nothing has changed. Gender discrimination in the workplace is still at epidemic levels. It is shocking to see how common discrimination against women is in our ‘modern’ society.
“I watched as everything I had been working so hard for, was destroyed.”

While you may feel that you are powerless trying to fight against this type of outrageous behaviour, you are not alone. Employment Equality laws are there to protect you and punish bad employers. It’s a fact that too many employers still pay lip service to women’s rights in work and your employer or former employer, like so many others, may have decided to simply ignore those rights and basic entitlements.
But you don’t have to do this alone, we can give you the platform to help make your voice heard by speaking out for you.

Here’s what one of our Clients said about her experience;

“After I told my boss I was pregnant, suddenly everything I did wasn’t good enough. Eventually I was told that there was to be a reorganisation and that my role was being made redundant. No-one else was affected. I felt so humiliated and undervalued. My confidence was totally destroyed that my employer had deemed me so disposable. It was mortifying. Six months later they hired someone else to do the job I had been doing. Same job title, same responsibilities. I was simply discarded like an old sock.”

“I am so glad I stood up for myself. Not about the money, sure that was nice but it wasn’t about that. Big companies like that need to respect women, not condone harassment and bury it when it comes to light. If they don’t then who will?.”
LD, Waterford

Barrack Obama once said

“one voice can change a room, and if it can change a room, it can change a city and if it can change a city it can change a nation and if it can change a nation it can change the world”

Make your voice heard and help to change something.

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