We help Employees who have been unfairly treated at work because of some discriminatory factor, navigate Ireland’s complex Employment Equality laws to help them enforce their legal rights and protect themselves, their family and their reputation from unscrupulous employers.

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It doesn’t matter what country you come from…It doesn’t matter what the colour of your skin is…Your sexual orientation or your religious beliefs. None of them should matter one bit. All that should matter is that if you are a decent person that you are to be treated the same. No better. No worse. Just the same as everyone else.

Nigel Owen, rugby referee, gay man.


A person who discriminates against you will rarely do so openly or in view of others. They will generally not leave evidence of their discrimination so that it can be used against them. They will hide it, claim that it didn’t happen or that you are wrong. Sometimes they’ll say it was just banter, that you’re too sensitive, that they didn’t mean anything by it…It can happen openly, overtly, in your face as it were or it can be more nuanced, a look, an otherwise seemingly innocuous action, but intended or perceived to be hurtful or harmful. Sometimes people’s values are so ingrained and corrupted that they don’t even view what they are doing as wrong or discriminatory. But it is…and it should not be tolerated. Standing up against discrimination doesn’t just make your life better, it makes the world a better place and makes things better for other people facing intolerance, inequity or downright bigotry.

If you have been discriminated against you could be entitled to compensation.

Our Client CMcD was constructively dismissed from her workplace when she told her employer the good news that she was pregnant. CMcD’s hours were significantly reduced and she was sidelined. We took a case for her to the Workplace Relations Commission and she was awarded €17,500 compensation.

I wouldn’t want my job back and this wasn’t about the compensation, I wanted to make sure that this would never happen again to anyone else and I hope that when writing that cheque it stung them the same way they stung me when they dismissed me at what should have been such a happy time in my life.

CMcD, Waterford

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Our Client MP was also dismissed when he reached the age of retirement. He was fit and healthy and saw himself working with his employers for many more years but a new management team had taken control and they terminated his employment without a bye or leave. We settled his case for €20,000.

I was shocked when the employer I had worked with for over 30 years just cast me aside. I contacted Employment Matters and got a settlement of €20,000. It doesn’t fix things but its certainly better than the alternative

MP, Dublin

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KH was discriminated against at work because he was suffering from depression. Because of this illness he found it difficult to comply with his employer’s unreasonable demands. He continues to work with his employer who paid him a settlement of €12,000 and is now treating him in a more favourable way.

Thanks guys, I couldn’t have done it without you, my life was miserable but everything has changed

KH, Waterford

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If you believe that you may have been discriminated against at work and to find out more about your rights or how we can help you call us on 1890 88 90 90 or email info@employment-matters.ie with your concerns.

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